Monday, April 29, 2013

Musk Melon Juice

Prep time: 5 min                   Cooking time: 0 min                Makes: 2 tall glasses

Come summer, all that the throat and stomach crave are juices, smoothies and other coolers. Food becomes just a mere necessity and the heat in the kitchen makes elaborate cooking even more difficult. But good thing is, there are plenty of green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits available in the market. So, instead of just the plain old lime juice (which is still a fav), I keep trying out newer and newer juices and milkshakes nowadays.

Until moving to North India, the only musk melon I knew was the one with sandal-colourish-flesh and brownish skin that we get in the South. At home, we just sliced it into cubes (after peeling and deseeding), sprinkle sugar on top, give it a quick mix and eat as such. It was plain heaven in summers.. yumm :-)

Here, we get this variety called Kharbuja. Google tells me it is also called honeydew melon. Never heard anybody use this name though.

It has a greenish flesh and is slightly sweeter than the south variety. Now to the recipe...

Ingredients :

Musk melon - 1 medium melon of about 1/2 kg, skinned and de-seeded
Jaggery - 2 tbsp shaved
Cardamom - 2 pods, peeled
Water if required (i didn't use any)


Cut the melon into big chunks. Add melon pieces, jaggery and the seeds of the 2 cardamom pods to a blender and blend well. If u like a thinner juice, add water as required while blending. Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes. Stir well before pouring into a glass since the blended flesh tends to gather and float over the juicy strain. If desired, garnish with the peels of the cardamom used. Serve chilled and slurrrp :)

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