Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kraft Korner - Quilled Paper Jewellery - Towers of Hanoi

When I began reading and knowing about crafts, I found paper quilling to be very intriguing. How a simple strip of paper is entirely transformed to so many different shapes and patterns! My very mindset about paper started to change.. Though I kept browsing and reading more about quilling, it is only very recently that I mustered courage and got myself my first set of quilling strips and a simple slotted quilling tool. To start with, I just made a simple tight coil out of a sky blue strip and sealed the ends. When I wondered what I could do with it, my recently acquired another interest - jewellery making- inspired me to try out a pair of earrings. I made another blue coil, two pink ones and strung them into this:

I gifted it to my friend who's expecting a baby and she loved it :-)

And when I came across the Itsy Bitsy Logo Colour Challenge, I thought why not try making something for my maiden entry? This would be my first ever entry for any challenge on blogosphere. So, wish me luck :-)

[ Itsy Bitsy is a craft-supplies store. I first came across its website a couple of months ago when I started searching for craft supplies. I must mention that their collection is very good. The website being very convincing, I visited their Rajouri Garden store in Delhi a few days back. That's where I bought the quilling supplies and loads of beads too.. So you can expect this space to be flooded with beaded and paper jewellery soon :-) ]

Since I am yet to practically try out other quilling techniques, I've made this earring-bracelet set with various sizes of tight coils. I call the set Towers of Hanoi since it reminds me of the famous puzzle of the same name.
So, here's my entry to the challenge :

Materials used:
Blue and Green quilling paper strips, white seed beads, Metal spacers, Earring hooks, 2 " Head pins, Lobster claw clasp, Jump ring and crimp beads, Adhesive

Tools used:
Slotted quilling tool, Round-nosed pliers, Wire cutter