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Welcome to Dainty Delights. First of all, thanks for visiting this space. I'm EsVee in blogosphere, S and V standing for the initials of my name. I am a civil servant by profession, posted in one of the most backward states of India. Life is very exciting and challenging as a bureaucrat cum wife cum D-i-L cum daughter cum sister... most of this done from long distance except for my work.

So, how did this blog come about? Like every food blogger, I am a passionate foodie too :) In younger years, getting into the kitchen was only for doing the odd jobs for my mom like peeling, chopping, shelling, chapati-toasting, fetching things from the fridge and most enjoyably, tasting the final outcome. I was never into full fledged cooking except for the occasional (and experimental) chutneys and simple snacks.

But I guess my culinary genes have got the better of me in recent years and here I am, churning out delicacies (believe me, this is certified by my hubby V who is an ardent food-lover) whenever I get time. And from just South Indian cuisine, my repertoire is expanding quite fast to other Indian and World cuisines as well. All this thanks to wonderful blogging-seniors and the extensive travel undertaken as a part of my (and hubby's) job.

 I remember visiting Aayi's recipes when I was surfing for some recipe a couple of years ago... I was just glued to the computer for the next few hours, going through the entire blog! One blog led to the next and next and by now, I am an avid follower of quite a number of wonderful blogs. Thence came the inspiration to start my own space.. and here I am!

In this space, you can expect mostly original and some adapted (with sources cited, of course) recipes that I would post after proper trial and testing. Apart from this, I guess I'd add some craftwork (another of my recent loves which seems to take up all of my spare time), photographs that I might like to share, musings from work and more...

Please be forthcoming with your honest opinion and feedback. I will be happy to read and respond to them and I'd love to improve from your constructive criticism too. And you are welcome to borrow my recipes and my original craft designs with proper acknowledgement. Plagiarism is a strict No-No and will not be tolerated.

Hope you enjoy and try out the Dainty Delights that I dish out here. Happy Reading, Cooking and Crafting!


P.S: I use my Canon IXUS 80IS camera for all my pics.. Would love to wield a DSLR, but can wait I guess :)

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