Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bead Craft Ideas...

Hi folks!! Beads have undoubtedly, since their time of invention, been primarily used for making jewellery. But their versatility regarding the material, size, shape, colour and finish has made it very much possible for them to be used for many many other decorative purposes. 

No doubt that you would have come across beaded curtains, fringes, tassels, woven bead mats and coasters, chandeliers, etc. And you would also be familiar with the multiple ways it is used with fabric to embellish your outfits – dupatta borders, beaded-embroidered patches, kundan and stone bead appliques, crochet with beads, latkans, beaded blouse hemming, etc.

For my next post at BeadsnFashion, I have thought of and come up with a range of interesting bead craft ideas – for using beads in crafting and home decor. You would be enthralled to find how simple it is to make these projects and yet how stunning they turn out to be. 

Apart from the leafy tree above, I have made the following for the first part in an upcoming series:
Beaded napkin ring:

Door hanger/thoran:

Magnetic Catch-phrases:

Beaded 'painting':

Check out the post here for step by step pics and the process. This is going to be a series of posts and so, make sure to keep a tab on my blog (here or at BeadsnFashion) for many more ideas. 


  1. Wow!! These are amazing EsVee!! The bead painting!! Just Wow!!! So beautiful!!
    Moxie Craftie

    1. And the holographic sheets that I used come is smaller size (around 10x10) than the gift wrapping ones. But I guess you could use the gift wrapping sheets also. It might be even more beautiful!!

  2. love the bird EsVee !!! the tree looks so good and the stone gives great contrast to the sparkly beads !!

  3. The kingfisher is stunning!!. Thanks for explaining the process too. :)

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