Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kraft Korner - Earrings for my cousins

Childhood holds special memories for each of us.. And I can say that a mix of the words- cousins, summer holidays and grandparents' home- would bring a rush of nostalgia to most of us. Ah, the simple games, the mingling with the village kids, farm-work gazing, bountiful supply of desi mangoes, playing on mounds of unhusked grain, the story sessions at the regular power-out hours, tender-coconut drinking competitions, buying a variety of 10-paise candies with money 'earned' from grandpa, trips to the local water spots, playing with the groundnut- shelling cranker on the terrace, hide and seek in the granary, hmmm... endless list.

We were an all-girls' gang.. My periamma's (maternal aunt, elder sis to my mom) daughters are 4 and 2 years elder to me and we used to spend at least some of the holidays together at our maternal grandparents' place and some more at each others' paternal grandparents' houses too! And what unalloyed fun it was..

If I have to narrate one specific thing that was a summer staple, this is what comes to my mind first... Water was a scarce resource with the supply coming on only alternate days (well, it was two decades ago). With a huge crowd of us on hand, our mothers and grandmother had a tough time managing water for all the daily needs and washing.. Every small pot and vessel was filled to the brim when we did get water.. And we kids helped out in the water-filling too.. But despite our earnest pleas and desperate requests, we were hardly allowed to 'waste' water for our games (mainly playing soppu-saamaan). Undefeated in spirit, we'd sneak on to the terrace, armed with empty cosmetic bottles (my teen cousin's Ponds cream dabba :)).. Tied with jute strings, the bottles would be dropped through the ventilator hole above the courtyard space where the water-tank stood. We'd aim for the holes and gaps in the asbestos sheet covering the tank and take as much water as we'd want :) And we took turns keeping watch if anybody was coming into the courtyard too! All this for just about 1-2 litres of water!

Education, employment and marriage have taken us now to different places in different directions of the country but that bond still remains though we may have not even reminisced about it collectively.. We do meet as often as possible and watching their kids play together gives me immense joy.. As a tribute to our cousin-ship, I wanted to give them something made with my own hands and what better than something girly like earrings ? :)

In the process, I have also tried out new techniques and materials so I continue to drag my learning curve in the right direction :) Well, here are the trinkets:

Nos. 1, 2, 5 and 14 are made using polymer clay beads that I've tried newly.. It was fun making and baking these beads. Currently, I am moving on to make other shapes and canes with polymer clay.. So, more posts on it to follow :)

No. 11 is a jhumki made by paper quilling and coating with clear nailpolish as sealant. The rest are beaded earrings, as u can see.

I have tried two new sealants too.. But more on them in my later posts..

Nos. 15, 16 and 17 are made with foam dots.. I'm sure my niece is going to love them :) The light-weighted dainties would be perfect for her tiny ears..
Nos. 18 -21 are again paper-quilled and sealed with clear nail polish. 19 and 20 are made using combing techniques and in 21, I tried making a differently-shaped jhumki..

Now, how are my beauties?


  1. What a lovely collection especially loved the foam dot earrings
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

    1. Thanx Dr Sonia... I just love your blog, of which I've been an avid follower :)

  2. lovely earrings foam dots are awesome i will try it out nice idea..

    1. Thank u Radhika.. Would love to see your take on them too :)