Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kraft Korner - Baby steps in Beaded Jewellery Making

It all started when we happened to visit the Strand Bookstore in New York... While V was busy browsing through the non-fiction, logic, math sections, I was drawn to the cooking and crafting sections as you might have guessed :) There were umpteen number of books that I wanted to take back but there's only so much that one can buy and carry! Three books were on my shortlist and one of them was Carol Grape's "Handmade Jewellery".
The tag said that the book is out of print now and so cost much less than the original price. It explores many techniques and media for fancy jewellery making and is suitable for beginners too since Carol mentions the basics in detail along with illustrations. In the very beginning, the tools and components required for making various pieces of jewellery are detailed. Of the tools, I have got myself only the very basic needle-nosed pliers and wire cutter. I am able to manage with these for now.The picture above contains one of the earliest pieces I made using beads.. Can you identify it? (If not, I would take it as a compliment since it would be indistinguishable from Carol's :) )

I am myself surprised with this new-found obsession for making these trinkets since I was never much into dressing up, particularly with fancy jewellery... And even now, I find myself making and admiring them and gifting them to loved ones much more than I do wear them myself.. The process of creating something is very rewarding in itself, indeed! Here's a earring-bracelet set I made for my sister:

My sister Bracelet - purple

I hope she likes it..

There's many many more of such beauties coming up.. Keep watching this space! And in case you could not identify my addition to the book's pic, here it is:

sky blue square glass necklace and earrings

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